Jan 29, 2018

The 5 Biggest Differences Between the US and Europe

So, to the meat and potatoes (arroz y habichuelas in Puerto Rico)! These observations square measure strictly facts (with to a small degree little bit of my opinion thrown in) and unlisted in any explicit order. Thanks for reading this far! i am positive you will relish the remainder. Of course, I actually have to say that I did lump Europe, a continent composed of 50ish countries (depending on your political views), into one entity, however i used to be careful to pick things that I actually have in person seen and skilled in a minimum of a handful completely different countries in Europe. So, that ought to count for one thing, right?

1. Smoking 

I bear in mind a time within the North American nation after you would visit a eating house and that they would raise you, "Smoking or non-smoking?" currently, everything is non-smoking. Most public places square measure smokeless zones. As a non-smoker, i like this. However, moving to Europe might not are the wisest place to maneuver for a non-smoker UN agency is concerned by the smell.

The Europeans smoke - publically, at home, or where they require. Granted, there square measure some locations wherever you will see a no-smoking sign, however they are few and much between, particularly if you would like to travel out for nightlife. And even though there's no smoking inside, there are, while not fail, a minimum of 3 smokers sitting right ahead of the door of no matter non-smoking institution. Europe looks to be receiving the "smoking is unhealthy for you" rhetoric and scientific proof to back it up, simply to a small degree bit later than the North American nation. Although, i'm aware that France is sharply confronting the problem and has seen tight results.

2. Driving 

I cannot say with any confidence that European drivers square measure worse than yank drivers. I will say that bound driving expectations square measure completely different and so have an effect on however drivers act. for instance, on European highways there don't seem to be exits each twelve miles with food and gas choices, like within the states. Or, that Americans can pass you on the correct aspect, however this can be blasphemy in Europe. Or, that you simply will flip right red in America, however this can be outlaw in Europe. And, my personal/least favorite, there aren't any main road cops, and any price ticket {you'll get|you can get} will come back from a (sometimes smartly hidden) camera on the aspect of the road that flashes a bright white lightweight of guilt at you, and you get to lament rushing, all the means home.

3. Food 

Americans square measure the undisputed champions of food consumption. Food is affordable and accessible. The grocery within the states is sort of just like a eu grocery, however simply add 2 a lot of cereal aisles, a full chips-candy-soda aisle, 3 a lot of food aisles, take away the wine and brewage aisle(s), and voila, the stores square measure identical.

At restaurants, if you order an oversized meal within the states, you expect to require home what you did not end. In Europe, generally the rations are not massive enough that there'll be any food left, however if you request to require the food home you'll received some confused stares, and should probably leave empty handed .

4. Nature Calls 

In America, if you gotta go, it's quite simple to seek out a convenience at a gasoline station or a public place (excluding New York). In Europe there square measure many countries that charge you to use the bogs at gas stations and publically places, however there square measure some others that merely do not even have a rest room to supply. If you're aware of not going before you allow the house within the states, after you trip Europe, i would not advocate taking that likelihood.

5. client Service 

We all knew it absolutely was coming back. Anyone UN agency has been to Europe (or Europeans UN agency have visited the US) is aware of that the majority European countries don't seem to be glorious for his or her stellar client service (*cough, cough* France *cough,cough*). Shoot, if you've got ever seen a moving-picture show or detected some other person bring up their trip to Europe, you almost certainly knew that!

A poor client service expertise in Europe is one amongst those things that may not forever as unhealthy because it sounds, however it'll obviously happen to you a minimum of once; similar to within the US! however, the variations square measure the motives and your recourse. In the US, client service in restaurants is immoderate as a result of waiters work for tips. In Europe, they don't, therefore stimulation your butt isn't very important to their keep. Also, in Europe, there's no higher Business Bureau, therefore if a bank teller or store owner is rude to you, you only have to be compelled to suck it up and not search there any longer.

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